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Tattoo Questions/Comments for Sin City Ink

Newest Tattoo Questions/Comments for Sin City Ink Including size and placement.
I'd like to get the cat on my forearm. It wouldn't be too big because I'm pretty small.

I'd like it on my forearm fairly small but still big enough to enjoy and show off :)

I know this is extremely broad, but I was looking for a tattoo for my grandmother. She was extremely religious and always had a rosary on her. I was looking for something with possibly roses (pink because that was her favorite color) with a rosary and wanted it either along my side or going along my foot...which seems pretty cliche since I've been seeing a lot of rosary tattoos on feet. 
Looking to have this put on my back. Just below the shirt collar, center. 2.5 to 3.5 inches. Need a price and approximate time it will take. Thanks!
I actually want five or six tattoos... and this is an example of one. I would like a single rose... with the shakespeare quote: What is in a name? A rose by any other word would smell as sweet. This is not that tattoo... but something sort of similar. I am looking for a shoulder tattoo about 8 inches long. Wanting a price/idea of price on that.
This is a tattoo I am interested in getting on my side... starting on my lower hip on my stomach... and ending on the left shoulder. I do not want the birds... and I want the quote: The wonder is we can see these trees and not wonder more. Ralph Waldo Emerson... or the quote: From joy the holy branches start and all the trembling flowers they bear. William Butler Yeats  I am not sure exactly how long the tattoo would be... but would be the length of the side of my body... 

Im looking to get a breast cancer ribbon on my left shoulder touched up- outline and color. I am also looking at adding some wings to this piece to make it somewhat larger. This is for my birthday at the end of March.
I just wanted a quick quote on how much a bright colorful rooster hanging by a rope on the lower inside of my leg. Maybe 5 to 6 inches tall by 3 to 4 inches wide
I was in there a year ago and got the cancer sign tattooed on my wrist. I would like to know if you can change it into an owl.

I would like this infinity tattoo on the front of my left shoulder. Also, instead of the word faith I would like to put the word hope on it. 
I would like a bad ass fairy on my back left side about 5" by 5" or so. I would like to use the color purple like the picture maybe darker. I would love something original but I want her to look cool and kick ass like. not so much goth or evil. The wings should be unique. What would this cost?
same as picture but sideways , size about 2 inches .
Would like the "Blue & Red" Tattoo Special. Placement on left forearm. I like the Taurus design (file attached) and would like vines with flowers or ??? Possibility in future to add another zodiac sign if ever get remarried. Haha. I thought it would be nice to have Taurus head offset and tilted with vines flowing down or perhaps Chinese cherry blossom vines. All black with flowers in color? I will be in town March 27-29 and would like to get done then. I will leave the talent up to you. Thanks!
I want it on the outside of my forearm . not exactly like that picture but very similar more stony looking with cracks in it.
About the size of a quarter on my right back part of my shoulder.
The tattoo will be about 4 inches on top of my shoulder, what would be the estimate for this? thank you!

This will be my first tattoo. I don't know anything about them. So I would need help. I do want it on the top corner of my back left side. Not so big, I don't know how big I would need it for the design.

Need it done tomorrow Asian flower on wrist 
About 2" x 2" on my ankle.  My girlfriend would also like to get the same thing.  Saturday May 19th would be best.  We have Groupons.

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